Young People's Leisure and Lifestyles in Modern Scotland, 1987.

  • J. McCrae (Creator)
  • Janet Shucksmith (Creator)
  • L. B. Hendry (Creator)
  • J. Love (Creator)



An examination of the leisure lives and general lifestyles of adolescents. A continuing longitudinal study is planned with further cross-sectional surveys in 1989 and 1991. Survey work is complemented by qualitative data (not currently included in this dataset) derived from a national interview panel of approximately 250 young people.

Main Topics:
Participation rates (including frequency) in sport and leisure activities; attitudes towards sport and leisure, leisure-time associations and groupings. Knowledge of healthy behaviours, attitudes towards certain health behaviours, self-esteem, measures of mental stress.
Measurement Scales
General health questionnaire: Goldberg, D.P., Manual of the General Health Questionnaire, Windsor: NFER-Nelson, 1978 (12-item version).

Associated publications: Hendry, L., Lovenduski, J. and Shucksmith, J. (1989) Young people's leisure and lifestyles : : report of Phase 1, 1985-89, Edinburgh: Scottish Sports Council.
• Shucksmith, J., Hendry, L. and Lovenduski, J. (1989) Young people's leisure and lifestyles : : summary report of Phase 1, Edinburgh: Scottish Sports Council.
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• Lovenduski, J., Hendry, L. and Shucksmith, J. (1990) 'As we see it : : young people's perspectives of leisure and lifestyle'
Date made available25 Aug 1990
PublisherUK Data Service
Geographical coverageScotland

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  • Health Promotion Research Trust
  • Scottish Sports Council

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