Aberdeen Open Channel Facility

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    School of Engineering Fraser Noble Building King's College Aberdeen AB24 3UE

    United Kingdom



Completed in 2008, the Aberdeen Open-Channel Facility consists of three components: a 23m long open channel flume; a motorized instrumental carriage; and a unique modular Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) system. The combination of these three components form a world-class facility for studying smooth- and rough-bed hydrodynamics, sediment transport processes, flow-biota interactions and other aspects of fluvial and eco-hydraulics.

The open channel section of the flume is 1.18 m wide, 18.0m long and has glass sides and a glass bottom section to facilitate optically-based flow measurement techniques. Flume slope adjustment over a 3.0 degree range and a maximum flow rate of 150 l/s allow a large range of uniform flow conditions to be developed. The large width of the flume permits operation with large flow width to depth ratios, where the flow in the central part of the flume is statistically 2-dimensional and free from secondary currents and side wall effects. All aspects of flume operation are computer controlled, allowing precise and repeatable adjustment of flume slope, flow rate and flow depth.


NameAberdeen Open Channel Facility
Acquisition date1/01/08


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