Colour Psychophysics Laboratory - Psychology

  • Jasna Martinovic (Manager)

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    School of Psychology University of Aberdeen William Guild Building Room F13 Aberdeen AB24 3FX

    United Kingdom



The School of Psychology has several state-of-the-art research facilities and access to special populations (such as patients, healthy older adults, schools, industries, among others) to facilitate cutting-edge research in various disciplines of psychology. The School houses the Psychophysiology Centre as well as several other facilities for psychological research.

The colour psychophysics laboratory is set up for running experiments that tightly control spatio-chromatic properties of the stimuli. It consists of two dark rooms equipped with testing machines with high resolution CRT displays controlled through VISAGE systems. A pair of FE-1 Stereovision goggles is also available for stereo vision experiments. SpectroCal and ColorCal2 devices enable calibration of CRT devices and measurement of stimuli. This equipment is put to use in studying how colour and luminance signals interact in attention, perceptual organization and object categorization.


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