Gas Chromatography

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    The School of Natural and Computing Sciences Meston Building Meston Walk Aberdeen AB24 3UE

    United Kingdom



We are particularly well equipped for research in the two main research themes of Biomolecular Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry.

We possess the Gas Chromatography Equipment:
- Agilent 7820A with MSD Agilent 5977E, equipped with autosampler.
- Gas Chromatography coupled to ICP-MS (GC-ICPMS)
- Agilent 7820A, manual injection; also used for undergraduate teaching
- Agilent 6890 with autosampler; suitable for cryo-trapping
- Gas chromatograph (Agilent technologies 7820A) coupled with a MSD system
- Agilent technologies 5977E: GC-MS system equipped with split/splitless liner and a 16-vial automatic liquid sampler, also used for undergraduate teaching

For any information related to the instrument please contact:
Dr. Eva Krupp


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