Geochemistry Laboratory

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    School of Geosciences Meston Building Old Aberdeen Aberdeenshire AB24 3UE

    United Kingdom



The laboratory is used for organic geochemistry, geochemistry and petrology. It includes analytical equipment as well as space set aside for preparative work. We like to host visits and we like to share, if you are interested in any of the following techniques or resources than contact us.
Most Commonly Used Techniques: At the present time the most commonly applied laboratory techniques are:
- Heavy mineral analysis
- Hydrocarbon biomarker analysis for oils and source rocks
- Sedimentary particle size analysis
Analytical Facilities and Equipment
- We have GC-MS’s with HP-1 or HP-5 equivalent columns fitted and a PY-GCMS
- Carbon/sulphur elemental analyser
- Sedimentary Particle Size analyser
We also have work spaces permanently set aside for:
- Soxhlet extraction
- Microfluidic work
- Heavy mineral analysis
- SARA analysis


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