Grasp Lab

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    The School of Psychology William Guild Building University of Aberdeen Aberdeen AB24 2UB

    United Kingdom



The School of Psychology has several state-of-the-art research facilities and access to special populations (such as patients, healthy older adults, schools, industries, among others) to facilitate cutting-edge research in various disciplines of psychology.

In the Grasp Lab, the aims of our research are to study the role of visual information for effective motor control and to learn about the complex interplay between the perceptual and motor systems. Specifically, we study the use of visual information during the planning, execution, and control of hand movements in healthy humans and patients. In order to investigate action and perception processes, we apply and combine various movement tracking (Optotrak 3020, TrakStar) and eye tracking (EOG, Eyelink) systems. We are also successfully interfacing movement tracking and eye-tracking devices with each other, enabling an effective measurement of simultaneous eye and hand movements. The grasp lab is administered by Dr Constanze Hesse.


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