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    Kosterlitz Centre for Therapeutics University of Aberdeen King's College Aberdeen AB24 3FX

    United Kingdom



The mission of the Kosterlitz Centre for Therapeutics is to facilitate the translation of biological innovation into novel therapeutics and to provide unique opportunities for specialised training in biodiscovery. The Centre is a cross-College initiative and seeks to capitalise on the wealth of research expertise in the University of Aberdeen. The University of Aberdeen has world-class research programmes in a number of areas; biological discoveries that emanate from our research will be translated into novel commerciality viable therapeutics via the Kosterlitz Centre for Therapeutics.

Our Research Centres of Excellence:
♦The Institute of Medical Sciences has state-of-the-art Technology Facilities. The Institute houses a number of cutting-edge biomedical research programmes.
♦Division of Applied Medicine has the primary aim of fostering an environment where original observations and novel findings made in the research-laboratory setting of the Institute of Medical Sciences, in the clinical research setting of the Health Sciences Building and our hospital facilities can be used to develop new and innovative tests (biomarkers) for disease or new medicines.
♦The Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health brings together extensive capabilities and expertise in nutritional research to pursue cutting-edge science aimed at preventing disease and improving health through good nutrition.
♦The Marine Biosdiscovery Centre is at the forefront of natural products research. Biodiscovery is the discovery of compounds from natural sources with biological applications, particularly novel biomedicines.
♦ Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences is addressing the fundamental biological consequences of environmental change.


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