RED Horizontal Drilling Laboratory

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    This is a large-scale horizontal drilling facility established in 2013 to investigate various dynamical effects occurring in horizontal drilling and been by developed in Centre for Applied Dynamics Research (CADR), mainly to study the Resonance Enhance Drilling (RED). This rigs utilizes a 6” prototype of the RED module driven by a magnetostrictive actuator.

    The rig is includes a conventional drilling machine for providing rotary and axial motion of a drill-string. The 6” RED module is highly controllable in terms of the amplitude and frequency of dynamic loading and WOB, which are essential to obtain optimal drilling conditions. The module is attached to a drill-pipe from one side and to a drill-bit from another.

    The rig is capable to carry on both RED and conventional drilling tests on large rock samples. The facility has capacity to drill with large amount of fluid being passed and it is well instrumented and connected to a data acquisition system using LabView platform for real-time response monitoring. The recorded data are then post processed with custom written GUIs in Matlab.


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