RED Vertical Drilling Laboratory

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    The facility has been established to investigate the efficiency of the patented new drilling technology called Resonance Enhanced Drilling (RED). This is the oldest drilling laboratory at the University of Aberdeen developed by the Centre for Applied Dynamics Research (CADR) and dates back to 2008.

    The facility mimics vertical drilling and comprised of a fixed frame, moving frame, torque restraint frame disc, vertical lathe, hydraulic system for Weight On Bit (WOB) generation and drill-string. The main components of the drill-string include load-cells, vibro-isolator, RED actuator and drill-bit. This configuration can be modified for conduct various tests including coring.

    The rig is capable of both RED and conventional drilling with controllable WOB, angular velocity, frequency and amplitude of dynamic oscillations and measuring Rate Of Penetration (ROP) and Torque On Bit (TOB). The rig is well instrumented and connected to a data acquisition system using LabView platform for real-time response monitoring. The recorded data are then post processed with custom written GUIs in Matlab.


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