NIP Public

  • Moretti, Luca (Coordinator)
  • Dylan Dodd (Coordinator)
  • Carl Edward Baker (Coordinator)
  • Aidan McGlynn (Coordinator)
  • Francesco Berto (Coordinator)


Description of impact

NIP Public is the Northern Institute of Philosophy's (NIP) programme to propagate the benefits of NIP's own collaborative research models to local non-academic communities, specifically schools, charities, and non-academic institutions. These benefits include enriching the cultural lives of users in the local community, encouraging users to challenge their own and others' views, and informing educators working in schools of northeast Scotland. The programme includes Café Philosophique, a series of public engagement events, a Philosophy with Children teacher-training course designed to show in practice how philosophical discussion can be incorporated in school settings, and collaborations with:

- HM Prison Aberdeen;
- AberdeenFoyer, a charity helping homeless and unemployed youths;
- St Peter's Primary School, Aberdeen;
- Albyn School (secondary school), Aberdeen;
- Robert Gordon's College (secondary school), Aberdeen;
- Dyce Academy (secondary school), Aberdeen.
Impact statusImpact Completed (Open)


  • Philosophy