A tale of two cities: Dachau and KZ Munich

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A stream. A clubhouse. A witness. Theodore Pais never crossed a stream called the Wurm canal to play a round of golf, or enjoy the local Bavarian cuisine available to members and their guests in the dining room of Golfclub Dachau. A temporal demarcation and physical border separated him from what is now the club’s par four, fourth hole. The Wurm canal is a line, a thread that links a paradigmatic site of death and brutality with the boundary of a site of leisure. The quiet waters of the Wurm canal pass birch trees on one side and barbed wire on the other. Crossing it marks the threshold for 800,000 visitors and tourists who traverse the canal to enter the Nazis’ first state concentration camp.
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Title of host publicationThe city and the moving image
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EditorsR Koeck, L Roberts
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