An Audible Witness to History

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Can you hear it?
Many among us keep their ears alert, quietly pay attention, calmly reflect on what they hear and casually pass by. Sounds are produced all around us, but they naturally fade in a flash and disappear without a trace. On the other hand, advances in audio recording technology have now allowed us to preserve with clarity the sounds heard during tumultuous times.

An Audible Witness to History is a special exhibition that focuses on sounds captured at historical moments and during social upheavals. These include people’s collective shouts bursting forth on the streets, voices at the scene of tense and tragic incidents, the words of songs that had to be stifled rather than sung, messages of enlightenment and conviction, and even recordings of everyday sounds so familiar to us all. The diverse recordings presented here offer a new way to experience the story of Korea’s contemporary history.

Now, we’ll begin our journey with the sounds that will take us backward in time.

Audio Theater is calling you with clear, historical recordings from commemorative or symbolic days, along with the terminology applied for specific incidents and events. A 15-minute audio drama called The Way We Were is presented here, bringing the voices of diverse people amidst the twists and turns of Korean history from the early 20thcentury until today.
Even small mutterings from the period contain the earnest desires of contemporary people, working like the dust that seeds the clouds and sparks rainfall. Momentary bits have been woven together to create a drama with small sound bytes that walk us back through the process toward social consensus. At the same time, we may do well to ask ourselves what sounds are most important in all our lives.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 21 Nov 2019


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