An effective dispute resolution system for electronic consumer contracts

Zheng Tang

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E-commerce increases the frequency of cross-border disputes between consumers and businesses. It is important to create an effective dispute resolution system for e-consumer disputes in order to ensure citizens’ access to justice and improve the further development of e-commerce. The aim of this article is to draw a blueprint of such system, which basically includes three schemes, namely the self-help communication mechanism, the alternative dispute resolution scheme, and the judicial procedure. Specific attention will be paid to online dispute resolution (ODR) in each scheme. It also examines the current achievements within the EU in this area and makes suggestions for further progress.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)42-52
Number of pages11
JournalComputer Law and Security Report
Issue number1
Early online date9 Dec 2006
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2007


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