Analysis of NeuroEyeCoach

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NeuroEyeCoach (NEC) is a rehabilitation intervention programme aimed at those with visual field defects as a result of brain trauma, stroke, other insults or surgical procedures. It alleviates the disability associated with visual field defect by improving the patient’s visual scanning technique. Smaller studies using similar stimulus configurations have shown success of eye-movement therapy on visual search performance metrics, such as shorter search times and less detection errors (Zihl 1985; Meienberg et al., 1981; Zihl & Hebel 1997). To evaluate the effect of rehabilitation on patient’s activities of daily life, a questionnaire is often used where the patient self-reports their experience of disability on 10 aspects of daily life on a 5 point Likert-scale (Nelles et al 2001). NEC therefore includes visual search tasks and a disability questionnaire pre and post intervention to evaluate outcome. NEC is delivered through an online programme, adaptive to the patient’s visual disability and self-administered at home or in a clinical setting (Sahraie et al., 2016). NEC was developed by NovaVision Inc. (Boca Raton, Florida), is registered with the FDA as 510(k) exempt medical device in the US and CE registered as Type I Medical Device in the EU; and. Over 200 participants have completed NEC to-date.
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