Climate Change, Energy and Transport: The Interviews

Jillian Anable, Tim Schwanan, David Banister

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This briefing presents results from part of a one-year scanning study aimed at identifying major knowledge gaps in the energy security and climate change mitigation agendas as related to the UK transport sector. It summarises results from interviews with 20 senior UK academics that work in areas with an affinity to transport but do not necessarily consider themselves to be transport
specialists. These included those working in sociology, human geography, psychology, behavioural economics, business studies, urban studies, political science, innovation studies and climate science. The aim was to open up the horizons of research into climate change and energy. In particular, we
wanted to understand the role that social science is currently perceived to play in researching and developing interventions aimed at reducing energy use and carbon emissions from local and global transport. We also wanted to identify the potential for closer integration between different approaches and sectors, so that the contributions of social scientists to the study of climate change,
energy and transport can be enhanced.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherTransport Studies Unit, University of Oxford
Publication statusPublished - 10 Feb 2012


  • climate change
  • policy
  • social sciences


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