CtBP/BARS induces fission of Golgi membranes by acylating lysophosphatidic acid

R. Welgert, M.G. Silletta, S. Spanò, G. Turacchie, C. Cericola, A. Colanzi, S. Senatore, R. Mancini, E.V. Pollshchuk, F. Facchiano, A. Mironov, A. Luini, D. Corda, M. Salmona, K.N.J. Burger

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Membrane fission is essential in intracellular transport. Acylcoenzyme As (acyl-CoAs) are important in lipid remodelling and are required for fission of COPI-coated vesicles. Here we show that CtBP/BARS, a protein that functions in the dynamics of Golgi tubules, is an essential component of the fission machinery operating at Golgi tubular networks, including Golgi compartments involved in protein transport and sorting. CtBP/BARS-induced fission was preceded by the formation of constricted sites in Golgi tubules, whose extreme curvature is likely to involve local changes in the membrane lipid composition. We find that CtBP/BARS uses acyl-CoA to selectively catalyse the acylation of lysophosphatidic acid to phosphatidic acid both in pure lipidic systems and in Golgi membranes, and that this reaction is essential for fission. Our results indicate a key role for lipid metabolic pathways in membrane fission.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)429-433
Number of pages5
Issue number6760
Publication statusPublished - 25 Nov 1999


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