Effective medium model in shales and sandstones at multifrequency observations

R. N. Pertiwi, D. Iacopini, D. Healy

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This rock-physics investigation aims to understand the elastic response of shales and poorly-consolidated sands with special attention to the variations in textural expression including mineralogy, preferred clay alignment, and porosity; as well as non-textural parameters: stress state and fluid saturation. This research explores such elastic response to produce a deeper understanding in the frequency-related behavior through a modeling approach. Within this framework, two specific aspects are investigated: (i) the elastic modulus as a function of pressure variation, as well as silt- and fluid- inclusion in an anisotropic clay medium, that will consequently produce different clay preferred alignment and distinct anisotropic behaviour at different frequency regime; (ii) the elastic modulus as function of porosity and water-saturation in isotropic granular media, that also addresses frequency-velocity dispersion by acknowledging the microscopic component.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2020
Event5th EAGE Workshop on Rock Physics - Milan, Italy
Duration: 10 Feb 202012 Feb 2020


Conference5th EAGE Workshop on Rock Physics


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