Extreme right parties in Scandinavia

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This book provides an up-to-date account of extreme right parties in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It seeks to explain why these parties have grown in support, and in Denmark and Norway reached positions of direct political influence. Following an analytical framework, in which explanatory factors on the demand-as well as supply-sides are identified, the book investigates a wide range of possible such factors. The account covers economic conditions, immigration and political trust, as well as the extent of the fascist and Nazi legacy in Scandinavia. Each of the three countries is then subject to an in-depth study. The origins, historical development, ideology, organisation and leadership of the relevant extreme right parties in each country are analysed thoroughly. The analysis draws on party documents and publications, such as party manifestos, as well as media sources, biographies and academic literature. The main argument of the book is that internal supply-side factors, that is factors within the parties themselves, are indispensable in order to understand variations in the success of extreme right parties. External conditions are not unimportant, but account for very little if the parties do not provide a political package that can tap the potential demand.
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