Jerusalem: an intifada by any other name is just as dangerous

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The next visit of the Middle East Quartet to Jerusalem and Ramallah will take place against a backdrop of serious unrest. The violence re-emerged last month and clashes have become a daily occurrence in Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank, resulting in the deaths of 24 Palestinians and four Israelis.

This has been fuelled by an array of issues, among them restrictions on movement around the Old City and al-Aqsa mosque compound; tensions at the checkpoints; the sustained construction of illegal settlements; attacks by settlers on Palestinians and vice versa; home demolitions and peace talks that have yet to effectively promote a higher, equal price on life on the ground.
Original languageEnglish
Specialist publicationThe Conversation
PublisherThe Conversation UK
Publication statusPublished - 12 Oct 2015


  • Israel
  • Middle East
  • Palestine
  • Israel-Palestine
  • Benjamin Netanyahu
  • intifada


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