Linkages of agroecosystems producing farmed seafood on food security, nutritional status and adolescent health in Bangladesh

Baukje de Roos*, Nanna Roos, Gulshan Ara, Tahmeed Ahmed, Abdullah-Al Mamun, Alan Sneddon, Francis Murray, Eleanor Grieve, David C Little

*Corresponding author for this work

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This narrative review aims to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on actors that link global aquatic food production systems with fish consumption and nutritional status, with a special focus on adolescent girls in Bangladesh. The writing of this narrative perspective was undertaken within the framework of the Aquatic Food for Health and Nutrition (AQN) project that aimed to develop a metric for assessing the impacts on nutrition and health of agroecosystems producing farmed seafood. Previous studies evaluating links between agricultural ecosystems, aquaculture, food security and human health have systemically ignored the importance of diet and nutrition. Such studies have also ignored the importance of local communities, cultural norms and household composition and behaviours to identify vulnerable groups such as adolescent girls. This narrative review presents our current understanding of the relationships between aquaculture, fish production and consumption patterns, food security, optimal nutrition and health. It also highlights the importance of research into aquaculture food systems, linking aquatic food production systems with nutritional status, health and socioeconomic prosperity, which would help to develop more integrated and relevant food policies.
Original languageEnglish
Article number13017
JournalMaternal and Child Nutrition
Issue numberSuppl 3
Early online date21 Dec 2020
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2020

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Funding Information:
We wish to acknowledge funding from Innovative Methods and Metrics for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA) to write this review. The research of BdR and AAS is supported by the Scottish Government's Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services Division (RESAS). NR is funded by the University of Copenhagen, AG and TA are funded by the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research Bangladesh, AAM is funded by Noakhali Science and Technology University Bangladesh and FM and DL are funded by the University of Stirling.


  • adolescent nutrition, aquaculture, behaviour, developing countries, farmed seafood, food and nutrient intake, food security, food systems, malnutrition, nutritional status
  • food and nutrient intake
  • aquaculture
  • malnutrition
  • nutritional status
  • adolescent nutrition
  • developing countries
  • farmed seafood
  • food security
  • behaviour
  • food systems


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