Multicast Listener Extensions for MIPv6 and PMIPv6 Fast Handovers

T. Schmidt, M. Waehlisch , R. Koodli, G. Fairhurst, D. Liu

Research output: Other contribution


Fast handover protocols for MIPv6 and PMIPv6 define mobility management procedures that support unicast communication at reduced handover latency. Fast handover base operations do not affect multicast communication, and hence do not accelerate handover management for native multicast listeners. Many multicast applications like IPTV or conferencing, though, comprise delay-sensitive real-time traffic and will benefit from fast handover completion. This document specifies extension of the Mobile IPv6 Fast Handovers (FMIPv6) and the Fast Handovers for Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PFMIPv6) protocols to include multicast traffic management in fast handover operations. This multicast support is provided first at the control plane by a management of rapid context transfer between access routers, second at the data plane by an optional fast traffic forwarding that may include buffering. An FMIPv6 access router indicates support for multicast using an updated Proxy Router Advertisements message format.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherInternet Society
Number of pages30
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2014

Bibliographical note

Protocol extensions to support multicast in Fast Mobile IPv6 have
been loosely discussed for several years. Repeated attempts have
been made to define corresponding protocol extensions. The first
version [FMCAST-MIP6] was presented by Kyungjoo Suh, Dong-Hee Kwon,
Young-Joo Suh, and Youngjun Park in 2004.

This work was stimulated by many fruitful discussions in the MobOpts
research group. We would like to thank all active members for
constructive thoughts and contributions on the subject of multicast
mobility. The MULTIMOB working group has provided continuous
feedback during the evolution of this work. Comments, discussions,
and reviewing remarks have been contributed by (in alphabetical
order) Carlos J. Bernardos, Luis M. Contreras, Hui Deng, Shuai Gao,
Brian Haberman, Dirk von Hugo, Min Hui, Georgios Karagian, Marco
Liebsch, Behcet Sarikaya, Stig Venaas, and Juan Carlos Zuniga.

Funding has been provided by the German Federal Ministry of Education
and Research within the projects Mindstone, SKIMS, and SAFEST. This
is gratefully acknowledged.


  • multicast communication
  • mobile
  • TCP/IP
  • IPv6


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