Reforming Italy: Institutional Change and the Federal Option

Michael James Keating, Alex Benjamin Wilson

Research output: Working paper


The reform of regional government has been a key element in efforts to reform the Italian state. The aims are administrative modernization; national integration; coherent regional development; fiscal responsibility and equity; and wider democratic engagement. The parties have converged in the idea of federalism, but interpret it very differently. As agreed reform has proved impossible, governments have sought change on partisan lines. Large-scale or ‘big bang’ reforms have faltered but incremental reforms have been achieved. Frequently, however, these are contradictory or not followed through with enabling laws or financial provisions. The outcome is an increase in the disparities in capacity and performance among regions rather than a new federal equilibrium.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Edinburgh Europa Institute
Publication statusPublished - 13 Oct 2010

Publication series

NameEdinburgh Europa Paper Series
PublisherUniversity of Edinburgh Europa Institute


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