School Clothing Grant in Scotland: Policy Briefing

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A researcher at the University of Aberdeen has found that in the 2021-22 school year the total paid out for school clothing grant in 31 of the 32 local authorities was £22,558,489.00 for more than 161,000 children. The approach taken by councils varies across Scotland with 4 local authorities providing both automatic grants and rollover of school clothing grant from one year to the next and 3 other local authorities making automatic awards when families are applying for other benefits. One local authority rolls over the school clothing grant into the next school year without requiring families to re-apply. This is despite the Scottish Government calling for the automatic payment of benefits such as this 0F1. In research funded by the University of Aberdeen it was found that there are over 30 dedicated school clothing banks across Scotland as well as other organisations supporting families with new and/or second-hand clothing for school. With the current cost of living crisis and increasing financial pressures on families with children, the school clothing grant is an important mechanism to ensure access to education, alleviate poverty and reduce stigma.
Original languageEnglish
TypePolicy Briefing
PublisherUniversity of Aberdeen
Number of pages5
Place of PublicationAberdeen
Publication statusPublished - 2022

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Acknowledgements: Thanks to my colleague Phil Bale and to Sara Spencer of the Child Poverty Action Group Scotland who provided helpful comments on an earlier draft of this briefing. Contact details: Dr Rachel Shanks, University of Aberdeen,


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