Strawberries and inconsistent ontologies: preferences to the rescue.

Bruno Yun

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In a decision support system, some goals are more important than others. Moreover, one piece of information can be more certain than another. Due to the fact that information comes from different sources, such a knowledge base can be inconsistent. When dealing with an inconsistent ontological knowledge base, the standard approach is to use its maximal consistent subsets, called repairs. We will deal with the utility of these repairs for argumentation in this study. We also show how to introduce preferences in an argumentation-based tool in order to select a solution among a set of alternatives. The expected implementation consists in defining an argumentation-based user interface by modeling arguments and attacks between them in order to allow the user to better understand why certain options can or cannot be accepted together. The main novelty of this work is to introduce preferences for such interfaces both theoretically and practically. Lastly, in the framework of the INRA project Pack4Fresh, the method and the tool will be analyzed in a decision making software for choosing strawberry packaging in order to reduce waste (people throwing strawberries away because they went off due to unsuited packagings) by linking together consumer behavior insights, socio-economic developments and technical properties of packagings.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversité de Montpellier
Number of pages45
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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Master Thesis
Master in Sciences and Technologies, Specialty in Computer Science,


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