Aberdeen Birth Cohort Study 1936 (ABC 1936)



On 4th June 1947, as part of the Scottish Mental Survey, every Scottish schoolchild born in 1936 sat the same test of mental ability: the Moray House Test. In 1997, Professor Lawrence Whalley discovered the Scottish Mental Survey test records at the Scottish Council for Research in Education in Edinburgh and began to trace people who had sat the test in Aberdeen. The Aberdeen Birth Cohort study was established to follow-up this cohort of individuals. Scotland is the only country in the world to have tested an entire age group in its mental abilities, thus providing a unique opportunity to track the effects of ageing, allowing researchers to compare intelligence in childhood and later life, looking at how the brain ages and the factors affecting this.
Date made available1997
PublisherUniversity of Aberdeen
Temporal coverage1947
Geographical coverageAberdeen UK

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