GSE27926: Expression data from F344N rats in long and short photoperiods

  • Alexander Ross (Creator)
  • Laura Russell (Creator)
  • Gisela Helfer (Creator)
  • Lynn Bell (Creator)
  • Peter John Morgan (Creator)



Method: Rats were housed in either long day (LD, 16:8 hours, light:dark) or short day (SD, 8:16 hours, light dark) photoperiods for 3, 14 and 28 days and brains removed, frozen on dry ice and then hypothalamic arcuate nucleus tissue blocks cut for RNA extraction.At each time point 4 rats were used in each photoperiod giving 24 rats in total.

Overall design: RNA from each rat was used on separate affymetrix rat 230 2.0 arrays, using 24 in total. Comparison of expression of genes were made between rats from each photoperiod at 3, 14 and 28 day timepoints.

Platform: GPL8201; Affymetrix GeneChip Rat Genome 230 2.0 Array [CDF:Rn230_Rn_ENTREZG]; in situ oligonucleotide;
Date made available21 Feb 2012
Date of data production14 Mar 2011

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