Shaping the Delivery of Adult Literacy Education in Rwanda


Description of impact

Research led by the University of Aberdeen has shaped a social practices approach to adult literacies in Rwanda, combining expertise in adult literacies education with an in-depth knowledge of Rwandan everyday social practices. The research has led to the development of Rwanda’s first-ever qualification aimed at adult educators, which, in turn, has enhanced the knowledge and skills of adult literacy practitioners, increased adult literacy levels and improved the quality of life for both tutors and learners. The work has also provided a valuable evidence base to inform government policy on adult education in Rwanda.

Project summary and aims

Outcomes to Date / Future Developments

The ‘Fostering a Social Practice Approach to Adult Literacies’ project and building on established relationships within Rwanda, has enabled the University of Rwanda and TTCs to implement the guidance from the research and contributed to the Rwandan government’s mission to improve adult literacy levels and enhance wellbeing in the country. Specifically, Aberdeen’s collaborative work with the University of Rwanda and IPAR has introduced a new qualification for adult educators and has enhanced the knowledge and skills of adult literacy practitioners in Rwanda. Furthermore, the work has increased adult literacy levels, improved the quality of life of adult learners, and provided an evidence base to guide implementation of Rwandan government policy towards the sustainable delivery of adult basic education.
Impact statusImpact Completed (Open)
Impact date20172022
Stage of ImpactEngagement